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Responding to COVID-19

Since early 2020, we have been singularly focused on protecting our team members from COVID-19. We changed the way we do business, resulting in more than $600 million in costs and safety investments, to keep our team members safe.

We’ve implemented hundreds of safety measures and policies to protect our team members, including a unique set of measures that exceed any provided state or federal guidance, such as:

  • Voluntarily removing vulnerable populations from all of our facilities, offering full pay and benefits
  • Securing masks for our entire workforce before they were recommended by health officials or the government, and offering unlimited PPE
  • Covering 100% of COVID-19 health expenses for team members and their dependents enrolled in the company’s health plan
  • Providing immediate and free testing to all symptomatic team members and close contacts
  • Conducting random, routine surveillance testing of asymptomatic team members
  • Installing hospital-grade ventilation systems and UV lighting in all of our facilities
  • Offering a $100 incentive bonus for any U.S. team member willing to get vaccinated

During the pandemic, we spent more than $160 million in increased wages and bonuses, in addition to more than $200 million in health and safety measures. And, we are proud that more than 70% of our workforce has been vaccinated.

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In addition to these measures, in 2020, we announced the Hometown Strong initiative, a $50 million investment in the communities where our team members live and work in the United States and Canada. Throughout the global pandemic, our team members and our communities have looked to us for reassurance that we canand willget through this crisis. That’s why JBS USA has provided meaningful investments in projects that will have a lasting impact in our communities for generations to come.

From education and recreation to healthcare and social services, we have invested in community projects that are under way across the country. Click here to learn more about our Hometown Strong initiative.

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