Customer and Consumer Engagement | JBS USA | Sustainability Report

Our Commitment

At JBS USA, we are committed to meeting the needs of our customers and consumers by providing the necessary resources to help them make informed purchasing decisions regarding our products and innovating to meet their evolving expectations. We provide information about our product options, their nutritional content and the various production method used during rearing, such as traditional, antibiotic-free and organic. Additionally, our product offerings include options such as reduced fat, reduced sodium and no artificial preservatives, among other. To meet the expectations of our customers and the dynamic lifestyles of our consumers, we engage in continuous dialogue to ensure we provide innovative products that align with their values and meet their needs.

Our Management Approach

Customer and Consumer Information

The corporate marketing teams at JBS USA are responsible for developing customer and consumer information. Marketing efforts are led by the Director of Marketing or Chief Marketing Officer, for each business unit, who reports to the President of the business unit or the Vice President of Retail Sales, Pricing and Marketing. These teams conduct their work in accordance with our Responsible Marketing Policy.

We primarily sell our products to customers who market our product directly to consumers, through foodservice or retail channels. As such, the majority of our marketing information is focused toward these customers.

To enhance our ability to more effectively communicate about our diverse product offerings, we have assembled a variety of comprehensive, easy-to-use resources for our customers and consumers to learn more about our products. To facilitate ease of use, we organize customer and consumer resources into protein-specific, customer-focused and consumer-focused websites and communication channels.

Many of our business units have developed customer resource websites, which allow each customer to create a personalized account. Through these accounts, customers gain access to information on point-of-sale materials, packaging specifications, brands, premium programs, value-added products, food safety and quality and the way the animal was raised.

We also maintain brand-specific websites and social media channels where consumers can learn more about our products and brands. Many of our consumers are active on social media and engage with us through these forums, as well as through our websites’ “Contact Us” forms to learn more about the brand and gain a better understanding of the production practices utilized.


We target our social media posts to geographically align with our current distribution, so that consumers can easily learn more about the products they have access to. Through these channels, we provide recipes, basic cooking instructions and nutritional information. On our websites, consumers have the ability to search for recipes by cut or cook method. We also provide product allergen information and recommended food safety handling practices for our food products.


A passion for innovation sits at the core of JBS USAit’s the key to unlocking greater value from our products and adding flavor to consumers’ lives. But it’s also the critical tool that will help us feed the world today while also improving the lives of future generations. Innovation allows the company to develop more-efficient and sustainable practices while adapting to changing customer tastes. The company’s approach to innovation is built upon consumer insights and customer needs found through opinion surveys and market growth opportunities.

Our innovation teams around the globe share trends, innovative solutions and technology advancements to leverage our collective expertise and lead category growth. Our diversified portfolio of products allows JBS USA to provide an array of high-quality products tailored to meet the complex needs of customers and the discerning tastes of consumers.

Nutrition Information

100% of JBS USA products adhere to Federal labeling requirements. Except where specifically exempt, all of our product labels and/or packaging include product name, handling statement, legend, establishment number, net weight, ingredients statement, signature line and (when required) a nutritional facts panel. In addition, validated cooking instructions are included on applicable products.

Consumer Hotlines

In addition to our websites and social media platforms, consumer-specific phone lines and email accounts offer another venue for transparency and customer service. Through these communication channels, our teams monitor direct product feedback, interact with consumers to address questions or concerns, maintain a database to track trends and provide performance reports to team members. In 2020, the trending topics our teams addressed included animal handling, product quality, labeling claims, cooking instructions and where to purchase our products.