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JBS Donates $1 Million to Australian Volunteer Trust

JBS Australia is proud to donate to the Australian Volunteer Trust, which is a permanent fund to support the children of volunteers who have died fighting the 2020 fires and any future major disasters. The Trust supports these firefighters’ families by helping fund their children’s education.

The impact of the fires has devastated communities across mainland eastern states. JBS Australia has direct contact and long-term relationships with many livestock producers and communities in these affected areas, and we pledge to continue to support them.

“As the CEO of a business employing more than 12,000 people across five Australian states, we understand the importance of a safe working environment and making sure our people go home to their families in the same way they arrived to work,” said JBS Australia CEO Brent Eastwood.

“Unfortunately, we have seen with these fires and other recent natural disasters such as floods, there are times when volunteer lives are lost in the line of duty and families are forever impacted. The Trust represents a way for us to support these families, particularly the children of those lost, by providing for their education.”

Along with this donation, JBS Australia will continue to work with and support affected communities and livestock producers through regular business, as well as food donations.