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Yanco, NSW, Riverina Feedlot

Supporting Agricultural Education

JBS Australia Riverina is known for being one of two integrated feedlot, processing and farming facilities within the JBS Australia portfolio, as well as its ability to source high-quality cattle and grain from throughout southern Australia. Due to these two factors, JBS Australia Riverina serves as a great place for local students to visit and learn about the Australian beef industry.

Regularly each year, the Riverina feedlot team hosts students from the Yanco Agricultural High School, Charles Sturt University, University of Sydney and many others. In October 2018, 48 Shorthorn Youth members also visited the feedlot for a tour and question and answer session on feedlot rations, cattle types, feeding programs and cattle breeds led by the site’s Livestock Supervisor and Feedlot Manager. On the same day, the team also hosted first year agriculture students from Charles Sturt University for a tour and discussion on a range of topics, including feedlot design, pen cleaning frequency, feeding programs and cattle purchasing into the feedlot.

The Riverina feedlot is proud to regularly host these sessions in the hope of enhancing the education of the students who visit the site and giving them a practical experience in the industry.